Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Henry Abbott on Cuban, Mavs, Bloggers

You don't have to care about sports-blog "inside baseball" to find this reporting and analysis by Henry Abbott about the Mavs banning bloggers to be fascinating.

It's a perfect case-study of an owner, team and policy who just don't get it. (That it's coming from Cuban is, frankly, remarkable -- be sure to slap a Mavs logo on the ladder as you're pulling it up behind you.)

It is anti-media, anti-"open," anti-technology, anti-progress and -- worst of all -- anti-fan.

I was all set to blog about this myself, but Henry -- as he often does -- captured it in much the same way I can only hope I would. Maybe I'll chime in with more, but HA got it.

-- D.S.

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Kurt said...

Everything is so black and white with you. Before you go accusing Mark Cuban of being: "anti-media, anti-"open," anti-technology, anti-progress and -- worst of all -- anti-fan", try understanding both sides of the issue.

But no, you can't do this, you'd rather take Henry Abbott's word for it and just assume that because he isn't allowing bloggers into the locker room, he's anti bloggers.

Typical shallow Shanoff analysis.