Monday, March 17, 2008

My Wall Street Journal NCAA Picks Column

Want to see the tortured thought process of an NCAA Tournament junkie? After my debut last year, the Wall Street Journal has brought me back to walk through the construction of my bracket, step-by-step. Here's a link. It was a ton of fun to put together, even though my whole "top-half-of-the-Midwest" agita cost me a night's sleep last night. (See post below for more.) Funny enough, I didn't have any similar issues dismissing UNC before the Final Four. You'd think that particular choice would bother me, too.

-- D.S.

1 comment:

CorrND said...

Boy Dan, you really must hate the Hoosier State!

Four Indiana teams are in the top 25 -- with 3 in the top 17 -- and you pick one (Purdue) to advance to the second round and NONE to advance to the sweet 16?