Thursday, March 20, 2008

NCAA Early-Afternoon: Chalk-for-3

I've been doing a little bit of Twittering, rather than editing posts. Follow along here.

After a brief bit of drama from 14-seed uber-Cinderella Georgia against Xavier, it's been 3-for-3 on chalk this afternoon, including 2 relatively non-competitive games (including a 5/12 between Temple and Michigan State).

Every year I'm hit with the same conflicting sensations during the first afternoon:

Would I rather have my pick be right or to see an upset? Watching Xavier (who I picked) against Georgia (great story, 14-seed), that was in full effect.

Given the slim chance that any of us have of winning our various pool groups -- and the power of the collective enjoyment of seeing upsets, I think you have to subjugate your personal interest in being right for the greater good (and fun) of seeing upsets.

If you pick an upset AND root for an upset THEN get that upset, presumably that's the ideal scenario...

But the contrary is true, too: If you pick an upset AND root for an upset BUT your underdog loses? That's just the worst.

Enjoy the late-afternoon set, everyone. I'll pop in, and feel free to add in your own comments.

-- D.S.

PS: I love's "VIP" line for watching on-demand video of live games. I particularly like the detail where they show me where I'd be if I WASN'T a "VIP."


Michael W said...

I know UNLV over Kent State would be a "chalk" win, but with so many people picking Kent, that halftime score is blowing my mind.

I said...

I like the Twitter feed, but I don't get why you aren't Following anyone else. The great thing about Twitter is that it creates (often hilarious) dialogue rather than one-way conversation that'd fit better in a live blog.

And almost everyone I know picked Kent State in the first round... I should've known better.

citizinKane said...

The real problem lies in how far you have the favorite going.

For example, I'll have no problem rooting for Nova to knock off Clemson because I don't have Clemson getting past Vandy in the next round. So, in the big picture, I only lose one first round game.

However, I was rooting hard against Georgia because I have Xavier in the Final Four. Losing FOUR games on the first day in the first time slot is too much of a crotch shot.

Prince said...

what is V.I.P for CBS MMOD. i signed up for free 2 years ago. and it says i am a V.I.P. is that just because i signed up a long time ago.