Friday, March 21, 2008

NCAA Early-PM: Hilltoppers! Curry's 40!

My god, that was worth the wait. Drake may have been America's team, but Western Kentucky had the power of one of the best buzzer-beaters in recent memory, a pure NBA-range 3 at the buzzer. Oh, and they had the power of the 12-seed. WHAT A SHOT!

I loved the Drake story. I had them going to the Sweet 16. But when your season ends in the first round of the NCAA Tournament as a 5-seed losing to a 12-seed on a 3-point buzzer-beater in overtime, your dream season was definitely ruined.

It totally eclipses Davidson's 10-over-7 win over Gonzaga, which has yet to prove it knows how to win tournament games when it isn't the underdog. Stephen Curry was absolutely ridiculous, scoring 40 -- a single-game mark that can't possibly be topped in this Tournament. Cripes, he had 30 AFTER HALFTIME.

Miami over St. Mary's was an upset, too, even though Miami was the higher seed: On the National Bracket, more people picked St. Mary's than The U. (So much for the "wisdom" of the crowd.)

The only result that wasn't some form of surprise: Tennessee beat American (but it was a pleasant surprise to see AU put up such a game effort -- their fans should be proud and satisfied).

The sick start to today's 16 first-round games more than makes up for yesterday's lame afternoon.

Western Kentucky! The 12-5 upset lives! Stephen Curry's 40! What an early-afternoon!!!

- D.S.

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