Friday, May 30, 2008

Celtics Win East: Damn Impressively, Too

Tell you what: They earned it. Two wins on the road in Detroit, including the close-out game. Pretty damn impressive.

Of course, this now sets up the NBA's dream scenario: Lakers-Celtics for the NBA title. Beyond the "nostalgia factor,"* these were the two best teams of the season, featuring the two most dynamic personalities in the sport -- Kobe and KG.

Here's the reality: If the NBA can't get ratings for this, the league truly is in deep shit.

-- D.S.

(* - Let's set aside how fundamentally sketchy it is that the league has to rely on 20-year-old nostalgia to generate enthusiasm for its championship series.)

More, though Unrelated: Congrats to Sameer Mishra on winning the Spelling Bee. He had the best moment of the entire Bee when, last night, he was given a word that everyone -- including him -- thought was "numbnut." He rallied past it with earnest humor and instantly became a rooting interest. That, and he looked so overwhelmed being interviewed by "sideline reporter" Erin Andrews.

MLB: Cliff Floyd has a walk-off... Jay Bruce has 4 hits (and he scored the game-winning run in the 11th)... Joba going to start Tuesday...

More later.

-- D.S.


DougOLis said...

KG's one of the most dynamic personalities in basketball? I'd put at least LeBron, Gilbert Arenas, Shaq and Dwight Howard ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

where can i find the interview with Erin Andrews?

must of missed it.