Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday 05/25 (Very) Quickie

Boston beats Detroit in Game 3: Now THIS was the win that everyone was waiting to see from the Celtics -- on the road, and it wasn't even close. I can now (finally) believe that this team can win the East title.

Indy 500 is today: Unless Danica Patrick wins, expect this to have just as much national resonance as it usually has (which means, frankly, not much). If she DOES win, you'll be sorry you missed it. Maybe.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Penguins weren't ready for prime-time, after that 4-0 shellacking from the Wings.

MLB: Jeff Francoeur... Justin Duscherer... Magglio Ordonez... Kyle Lohse... Jason Bay...

College LAX Final Four is always kind of awesome: Perennial power Johns Hopkins dispatched No. 1 seed Duke; they will meet Syracuse in a matchup of classic lacrosse teams.

Soccer: Imagine a team firing a coach immediately after they lost in the championship game. That is Chelsea and ex-manager Avram Grant. It's like if Mark Cuban had fired Avery Johnson after he choked away the NBA Finals two years ago, rather than a tortured 2 years later.

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

If she DOES win, we won't be able to watch sportscenter until f****cking August.

Seriously, she's NOT attractive AT ALL. Quit trying to sell her as a sex symbol.

That was a very impressive win by Boston last night, however I will continue upholding my role of rooting against Boston sports in everything, including hockey and major league soccer, even if it means rooting for Chicago's hated rival Detroit.

In a related story, Detroit's hockey team won last night which sucks.