Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yes, That Was a Foul

Leave it to Henry Abbott for the early and definitive word on last night's game-/series-/league-changing non-call by Joey Crawford on that Barry 3 over Fisher.

For those of us who think the NBA is ever-so-slightly rigged (but only when the possibility presents itself), this was "Exhibit A" fodder.

The NBA's original sin was having Joey Crawford ref this game, knowing his history with the Spurs. Even if Crawford's non-call was merely sketchy, the NBA's call to have him work the game was entirely intentional.

More later.

-- D.S.


john marzan said...

it wasn't just joey crawford who swallowed his whistle. there were two other refs who were complicit of this conspiracy to send the lakers to the finals.

Unknown said...

Shanoff, I read you every day and have since the Quickie. I like you. But I can see where Buzz could go off his rocker about bloggers.

Soooo.... Popovich says it wasn't a foul. The ENTIRE Inide the NBA crew agrees that it shouldn't have been called and that Barry screwed up by avoiding the contact. Every player interviewed on the Spurs said it wasn't a foul.

But you not only say it was a foul, but that it was part of a conspiracy? There was contact, but if Barry wants that call he should have jumped into Fisher and tried to shoot. It's a basic, automatic play. Or perhaps Barry was part of the conspiracy and once he saw he was going to be granted 3 free throws to win the game he did his part and shaved the points.

I don't agree with some of the things Stern has done, but he's right on when he says he can't pick and choose who refs what game. If Crawford has the rotation then he refs. Period.

And think about this, Mr. Collusion. If you believe a ref doesn't like a particular coach/player/team, and then you PURPOSEFULLY take him off that team's game, ISN'T THAT THE VERY ACT OF CHANGING THE GAME???? You can't have it both ways, Dan. If putting a negative-impact ref on a game is bad for a particular team, then putting a positive-impact ref is good for the same team. Either affects the outcome.

The Spurs missed a TON of open looks all game, including durning that last stretch. Look to Ginobili for the missing points, not Crawford.

Unknown said...

Might I remind everyone that in the last minute alone, the refs also blew the Lamar Odom goaltending call (he didn't goaltend - in the refs defense, you can only tell on slow mo instant replay) and Derek Fisher's shot hit rim, thus giving the Lakers the ball back with the shot clock off forcing the Spurs to have to foul instead of Kobe having to force up a tough shot against the clock. Either one of those calls go the other way, and Barry doesn't even get the opportunity. Tit for tat, I say.