Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Google Sports Will Rule Online Sports

For those of us who eat, sleep and breathe the online sports business, this is worth filing away.

This goes beyond the "commodity" content like scores, stats and recaps (which drive a you-have-no-idea-how-much proportion of the page views on the major sports sites), presented in that post above.

What "commodity" content quickly turns into is...fantasy sports applications, the motherlode of sports traffic online.

If/when Google gets into fantasy sports -- something entirely data-driven the Google could do very well -- the game will be over for everyone else.

(When my Gmail email app and my Gtalk IM app and my Google Alerts and my Google Docs and my Google News updates are all working seamlessly in a fantasy app, that's It.)

There are too many page views and too much ad revenue in fantasy sports for Google not to see this as an incredibly intriguing application extension.

(How convenient that the Supreme Court just agreed that fantasy stats should be universally accessible to anyone, even without a license from the leagues. That's a bulls-eye for Google.)

-- D.S.

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