Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday 06/02 A.M. Quickie:
Celtics, Lakers, Manny, Jay Bruce, More

The Celtics-Lakers "It's-1987-All-Over-Again" NBA Finals pairing IS a best-case scenario for the league -- but it isn't without its risk factors, including its (over-) reliance on nostalgia.

The NBA: "Where 1987 Happens." (Ooh: Let me alert the fans pushing 40 and beyond.)

That's the lead of today's Sporting News column, which includes a big fat wet kiss to the Celtics and their fans for the way the C's closed out the Pistons last week.

Other than that, it was a big weekend in MLB: Manny went 501 after going 500, Junior didn't go 600, Hamilton and Utley kept hammering away, Brandon Webb got back on track (and Scott Kazmir showed why he is probably the best pitcher in the AL right now). And Jay Bruce has to have had the best first week of any player any of us can remember.

The Cubs have won 7 straight and the Rays just took 3 of 4 from the White Sox in a battle of division-leaders. Is it wrong to openly root for a Cubs-Rays World Series? Don't think so.

There's a ton more in the column today; you can check it out here (coming by/around 9 a.m.).

More later.

-- D.S.


Michael W said...


I don't think your third risk is that big a risk (which is why you had it third, I am sure). Spurs/Cavs was about the worst matchup I can think of. Spurs are a snoozefest, and LeBron has yet to live up to the immense hype in the playoffs. How can Lakers/Cs not draw more people than that?

CA Heifner said... are these NBA finals going to play out? Which team did the league office tell the refs to help win?