Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wednesday 06/04 A.M. Quickie:
Wade, Bonds, Joba, Pedro, Cubs, More

There are two fairly provocative memes floating around in the last 24 hours, which I awkwardly mashed together as the lead of today's Sporting News column:

Should the Heat trade Dwyane Wade to the Bulls? (My opinion, essentially: Why not?)

Should the Red Sox sign Barry Bonds? (My opinion, essentially: Why not?)

Alone, they are merely fantastic topics of discussion/argument. Together, they spice up an otherwise fairly quiet mid-week lull as we are bombarded with memories of the NBA in the 80s.

More from the column: Joba sucks, Pedro rules, Josh Hamilton rules, Joe Saunders rules, the Cubs rule, Chipper Jones rules. There's a lot more, as usual.

Including: Jamie Mottram and Dan Steinberg finally posted the video of Erin Andrews coming on their locally produced Blog Show. (Two words: So jealous.)

I know EA is the biggest star among proprietors and readers of the sports-blog world, but I would argue that ESPN doesn't have a more valuable talent. She should have a much bigger stage than mere sideline reporter for ESPN's biggest events (MLB, CFB, CBB, B-E-E...hey, why not MNF?) Prediction: She'll have her own full-time show within a year from now.

It's a getaway day for me (a day ahead of MLB), so I'd like to post more later, but we'll see. Surprising: No reaction to my prediction yesterday afternoon that Google will epically disrupt the online sports landscape for fans and media players alike?

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

How many times do I have to say this:

When you trade someone in the NBA THERE ARE RULES!

This isn't baseball. I just tried to make a trade for Wade to the Bulls.

Here's the problem: Wade signed a BYC contract. That's Base Year Comparison for those non-die-hard NBA fans. That is one of those "LeBron Contracts" where you sign the max extension on your rookie deal.

When a team signs a deal like that with a player and wants to trade him they are not allowed to do so unless they get back a contract that is worth 50% or less than the BYC deal.

Wade makes 13 million dollars. Therefore the Bulls need to give up 6.5 million or less in contracts. Sounds easy, right? Most of the trade will be the draft pick anyway.

Not so fast. The Bulls are over the cap. When you are over the cap in the NBA and wish to make a trade you can take on no more than 110% of the contracts that you are giving up.

So the Bulls can only give the Heat a max of 6.5 million but need to get less than 110% of that back (7.1 million) but Wade's contract is 13 million.


garettd said...

I don't think Google will "disrupt" fantasy sports as much as shift it. Most of us have settled into familiar and accepted fantasy formats. I'm not sure what Google can do to change the game(s) beyond enhancing them in some way by bringing many different sectors under one roof (as you mentioned with Gmail, etc.). Many will simply move from one platform (Yahoo!, ESPN, etc.) to another provided there's some benefit in doing so.

Jake Rosen said...

google will become the all-encompassing epicenter of the internet universe by 2012, except for sports. essentially, google is too nerdy for the average sports fan. they don't want analytics with their highlights. these fans want top 10 plays and brash sportscasters. and will have to duke it out for #1.