Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday 06/29 (Very) Quickie

If you had to pick only one story to talk about this weekend, it is a baseball milestone that is even more exclusive than the 600 HR Club:

The Angels became only the 5th team in MLB history to lose after pitching a no-hitter. Jared Weaver and Jose Arredondo get the no-no, but the Dodgers get the win.

Matt Kemp: Reached 1B on an error. Took 2B on a SB. Got 3B on another error. Scored on a sac fly.

Otherwise, the Dodgers got bupkus; unfortunately for the Angels pitchers, that was one more bupkus than the Angels had.

Meanwhile, Euro 08 final today: Germany (without Ballack?) vs. Spain, seemingly destined to break its curse today.

Tyson Gay: New American record in the 100M.

NBA: Lot of talk that the Knicks want a PG and that Stephon Marbury is as good as released when that happens. (Hmm: Monta Ellis in a sign-and-trade? Would the Warriors want to give up on him?) Meanwhile, is there going to be a Camby-for-Hinrich deal?

Sports of interest in our house today: US Olympic swimming trials.

-- D.S.


jose 'cy young' canseco said...

hey dan, you know that it's not a no-hitter(officially, a no-hitter must be AT LEAST 9 innings)...still an amazing thing to watch though

Unknown said...

In your SN column you called Beasley a once in a decade talent (twice if you count Durant). I'm pretty sure LeBron himself was drafted in this decade, right?

Tom said...

Actually, it wasn't a no-hitter because the Angels didn't pitch in the 9th inning.