Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gilbert Arenas: Washington or Golden State?

The Warriors want Gilbert Arenas back. Badly. I think if the Wizards hadn't re-signed Antawn Jamison so quickly and aggressively, Gilbert would have thought twice; now, I can't seem him turning down roughly equal money to bail on teammates and a town he loves in D.C.

(One rumor has the Maloofs desperate to bring him to Sacto; I understand the impulse: As I've been saying for a while, if you're not winning the NBA title -- as the Kings and Wiz aren't -- you have to go for highest entertainment value. And that's where Gilbert is All-NBA.)

Still, the offer made me nervous, if only because with Gil, you never know.

-- D.S.

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Cy_Kazmir said...

I realize that Boston-Miami-Detroit have won three out of the last five championships but can we raise the salary cap for Eastern Conference teams by 10%?

Outside of Boston, how many superstars are in the East? I count 4; LeBron James, Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard and Dwayne Wade. That isn't to say there aren't talented players in the East but how much does the average fan know about Chris Bosh? Or Joe Johnson? Or Vince Carter? (who seemed to become less visible as he started playing in America)

So here's hoping Gilbert stays in Washington.