Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday 07/01 A.M. Quickie:
Rays, Tigers, NBA Free Agency, More

Where are all the Rays fans? That's the lead of today's Sporting News column

Sure, the Trop was 80 percent full last night, but -- seriously? -- the first-place Rays were playing their new-rival Red Sox. I know it was a Monday, but it was also probably half Red Sox fans; despite the Rays' success, the fans aren't following. What a shame. 

As I said in today's column, there are more Rays fans among other teams' fans than there are natural Rays fans. There is no shame in being bandwagon here, MLB fans who live in Florida. Adopt the Rays today, and no one will ever fault you for it.

Meanwhile, for something presumed to be a dud, NBA Free Agency is kind of hopping today: Antawn Jamison went back to the Wiz, presumably setting the table for an Arenas return, too. Baron Davis opted out, as did Brand and Maggette from the Clips. The Knicks are looking at Chris Duhon; presumably, others might be, too.

And yet all anyone can talk about is 2010. I'm going to try to have a post about that later today.

-- D.S.


kast71 said...

The problem is not that there are not any Rays fans. The real problem is the location of The Trop. If you do not live in Pinellas County, you have a good drive to get their. If they moved across the bay into Tampa, that would make it more accessable to more surrounding communities.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

What better person to endorse jumping on a bandwagon?