Thursday, July 24, 2008

07/24 Thursday A.M. Quickie:
Sabathia, Favre, Tebow, NFL Camps, More

I don't think it's unreasonable... to argue that CC Sabathia is now the front-runner for the NL Cy Young award. That's at the top of today's Sporting News column.

...To keep covering the Brett Favre story if it's going to continue having weird plot twists like Roger Goodell stepping in and Donovan McNabb getting involved.

...For Josh Childress to escape the Hawks and flee to the sunny money in Greece.

...To put Tim Tebow atop my list of the athletes who appear to handle off-field pressure jaw-droppingly... graciously.

...To question why the Army would let Caleb Campbell think that making an NFL team could allow him to defer his dream of service to our country for his dream of playing in the NFL.

...To mock LeBron's guarantee that U.S.A. Oops would win gold in Beijing. Kobe can say that (though he never would); LeBron -- and Team USA -- has no standing to make the claim.

...To celebrate the September-quality pennant-race style action at the top of both the NL East and NL Central (Hell, and NL West and AL East).

...To wait with fascination for the NBA/WNBA to come down on the folks involved in Tuesday's brawl -- especially assistant coach Rick Mahorn.

Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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