Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Morning QB Giveth Another Lesson

This is a fantastic example of why Matt from Sunday Morning QB is the best and brightest. SMQ and EDSBS are the best one-two punch in any sport, whether mainstream or bloggish.

Selfishly, I would hate to see SMQ Matt get scooped up by a mainstream sports site, because I love his indie vibe (even if it is through SB Nation).

That said, if I possess any credibility with any number of the various mainstream sports sites where I had/have relationships: FOR GOD'S SAKE, SIGN THIS KID TO WRITE FOR YOU.

(Orson/Spencer has that cush gig at Sporting News already, making SMQ *the* top talent available out there, if you want someone to write uber-smartly about college football on a national scale.) is loaded with CFB content already, yet they would be way better off if they had him. Meanwhile, what's everyone else's excuse?

I already noted that signed up CHFF to write about the NFL; it would be entirely in line with deals like that for to do the same thing with SMQ.

That said: He's out there for any of 'em -- (which only has a massive-million-dollar vested interest in college football); Yahoo Sports (not an ideal fit, strategically, but doable); (they can't JUST rely on hey-look-at-me-I'm-not-just-contrarian-but-a-d'bag-to-boot! columnists, and they too have a cross-platform investment in CFB).

Mainstream online sports media has done a really good job in the last year or so of plucking out fresh talent from the sports-blog universe. It astounds me that SMQ doesn't have a full-time deal yet.

-- D.S.

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