Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday 07/26 (Very) Quickie

NFL to stream 17 NBC games online - at both and This is huge. Consider the league. Consider how carefully it guards its broadcast rights. Now this. Very big.

(And even if you were going to watch those games at home anyway, simply to dip their toe in the water of universal online broadcasting... wow. Now, the key question: Will the video player allow for me to watch the game via or on my iPhone or Blackberry?)

Favre to Jets?: I would rather see the awkwardness of Favre at Packers camp. Either way, has he even asked to be reinstated yet, let alone been reinstated?

Joba Rules: Shuts down the Red Sox in a 1-0 Yankees win. Yankees double-dip on good news by getting Xavier Nady from the Pirates.

Jermaine Dye hits the GW HR... Josh Hamilton racks up 100 RBI... Mets beat Cards, now have 3rd-best record in the NL...

D-Wade is apparently recovered: 20 points for USA Oops in an exhibition vs. Canada. Must be nice for him to play on a winning team after last season.

RIP, Randy Pausch: Anyone who has seen the "Last Lecture" knows what a critical role Randy's sports fandom played in his life -- and the Lecture itself. Condolences to his family, friends and many fans.

-- D.S.

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Jac said...

The better question becomes does this NFL game streaming work for anyone outside the US? A much larger market would obviously be reached if you could view it on their website from anywhere in the world but alas that's not often the case with online tv streaming (even for those of us in Canada).