Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday 07/29 A.M. Quickie:
Brawls, NFL Camping, CFB Media Days

You already saw today's big crossover-to-the-mainstream hit in the post below. Brawls are the new Josh Childress, I guess. You can see today's complete column here.

What's inside?
Mocking Nancy Lieberman.
Not mocking Ryan Braun.
Mocking Devin Hester.
Not mocking Carlos Zambrano.
Mocking Phil Fulmer.
Not mocking Ohio State.
Mocking sports-TV wannabes.
Not mocking Childress wannabes.

Everything found here.

More posts all weekend.

-- D.S.

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Sons of Big Daddy Drew said...

Don't they only play like 30 games in the WNBA? (I looked it up: 34.) With that in mind, 10 game suspensions were very unlikely. They'd be the equivalent of 24 game suspensions in the NBA. Four games, though, is comparable to 10 in the NBA, so I see where you're coming from. Reasonable punishments, I'd say.

If they REALLY wanted to punish 'em, though, they'd make 'em sit on the sidelines and watch all the games they're suspended for. Unbearable!