Monday, July 14, 2008

Josh Hamilton is ABSURD

28 home runs in the 1st round of the HR Derby (on 54 pitches by the ageless 71-year-old Clay Counsil) in one of the most thrilling live sports moments I have witnessed in a long time. Utterly amazing. -- D.S.


Steve said...

Glad you put up a post about it... utterly ridiculous. One of the greatest sports things I've ever seen live, no doubt. How can you ever top that?

Gundy said...

No offense to Mr. Hamilton's amazing story and absolutely breath-taking first round performance, but Morneau got the shaft!

Last to be picked, dissed by the "unimpressed" Reilly in the first round, and the utter lack of commentary in his second round due to the Reggie interview and the Yankee love fest...(bargh) sorry, just threw up a little in my mouth, but at least they didn't bring up Favre...(barf!) oh God, there goes supper! Then the State Farm rep calls him "Jason," where not even EA could hide her "oh crap, that was bad" face. And last, but not least, with the twisted questions in his victory interview, Justin basically has to apologize for winning. Awesome.

Slighted when he won his MVP, unimpressive in his Home Run Derby selection and apologetic in his Derby victory speech...I mean seriously, what's a guy gotta do???

Brett said...

To Steve-

If you witnessed Nadal vs Federer or Woods at the US Open this year. Both those events easily top what Hamilton did with some, to put it lightly, tightly wound baseballs.

By the way did I mention the Giants beating the 18-0 Patriots. How about what Shanoff himself oozed over for all of June, Celtics vs. Lakers. What about Mario Chalmers at the buzzer to send the national championship to overtime?

I mean at least these sporting events were not exhibition.

Steve said...

Brett - I did mean that given the context of the situation, it was awesome... with the drugs story, Yankee stadium, and overall insanity of crushing 28 homers in one round.

Now, I did watch Tiger and that was in it's own league, the Super Bowl was pretty kick-ass, and while I did not see the tennis match it sounds like it's in the pantheon as well.