Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday 07/15 A.M. Quickie:
Hamilton, Morneau, Favre, Packer, More

The "eh-it-wasn't-THAT-great" backlash has already begun this morning, but I stand by last night's instant reaction that Hamilton's Round of 28 was totally thrilling -- not just for the 28 HRs themselves, but the context of the moment. Cripes, even Yankees fans were cheering for him. That is a true signal of a transcendent, unifying moment in sports that maintain their memorability.

Hamilton, of course, leads today's Sporting News column, but there's a lot more:

*Why Justin Morneau got the shaft.
*Why Van Susteren is the new Mortenson.
*Why Packer's ouster isn't ALL good news.
*Why Donte Greene is the new OJ Mayo.
*Why sports bloggers get depressed.

There's a lot more, including a Last Word about the new MLB campaign to promote their playoffs, featuring some actor pretending to be a...blogger.

It's nice recognition, obviously, but they got a bunch of details wrong, including the lack of obvious self-loathing, the lack of any reference to Erin Andrews and the lack of the blast email saying, "LINK TO ME!"

More later, because if you're going to get name-checked in a Michael Wilbon column on one of the slowest days of the sports year, a response is more than appropriate. Coming later.

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

How is it no one is talking about Chase Utley telling Yankee Stadium to fuck off during the pre-home run derby intros?

Dan - Comments?