Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday 07/16 A.M. Quickie:
ASG, Clemens, Favre, Bonds, Camby, More

It truly is a remarkably grim day in sports (even in my always-perky SN column) when the headlines are dominated by the Big Three of Can't-We-Stop-Talking-About-This:

Roger Clemens: Had HGH delivered to his house, and Kirk Radomski has the receipts to prove it. Not sure why this is coming out now, but it doesn't look good for Rocket. At all.

Brett Favre: Hates Packers management and seems to think threats of attending minicamp should scare them. As long as the Packers don't blink, Favre should be scared.

Barry Bonds: As a Yankee?!?! (Here's the thing: The Yankees should totally do it. In fact, they are complete idiots if they don't do it. Like they'll be fazed by a media circus?)

See: All three are designed for maximum annoying over-coverage. This is our problem today, friends. They're all in today's Sporting News column, but subordinated to MLB:

It would have been a lot easier if the All-Star Game had ended before freaking 1:30 a.m. ET. Did you stay up for the finish? Because I sure as hell didn't. At least it wasn't a tie.

Meanwhile, in the NBA, you can mock all sorts of fan bases for having teams that have basically decided to phone it in this season -- but you have to feel for Nuggets fans.

Denver gave away Marcus Camby for the Clippers' $10 million trade exception. If it wasn't for the thrill of watching AI, this team has just given its fans nothing to bother rooting for.

I appreciate the bold move by the Clippers to shore up their post play; I'm slightly confused how Camby and Kaman will play together, but it has to be better than the alternative.

Belated congrats to the Ballhype team of Jason and Erin Gurney, who sold their site to Future US, who will take Ballhype's traffic and turn it into advertising revenue.

Ballhype is arguably the greatest start-from-scratch entrepreneurial success story of the sports-blog world. Enjoy that reported $3M purchase price, Gurneys. You've earned it.

-- D.S.


enoogs said...

Camby and Ewing played together quite well. Camby is a roamer, a freelancer, and has probably not had a play called for him on Offense in his entire stay in the League. Kaman can play the anchor and Camby can be the weakside force, the slop-cleaner on O. (Umass homer.)

Blockage said...

Anybody Tivo the All Star game? I was curious how many times Joe Buck or McCarver said "Here's a guy...." I think they were close to 50 or 60 times during the broadcast starting from the opening pitch.