Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday 07/13 (Very) Quickie

Advantage: Packers. OK, Brett, you can un-retire. But we won't release you, and we won't start you. Enjoy the scout team, MF'er.

It's a good strategy -- their only strategy. Keep him on the team and make HIM look like the asshole for wanting to abandon the team to start somewhere.

In fact, I don't know why the Packers would ever decide to trade Favre, rather than keep him on the bench. (1) The fans will mutiny. (2) Even a 3rd-round pick in return isn't worth that kind of grief. (3) Isn't it fair to guess that Rodgers just might get hurt during the season?

So I keep hearing all this talk about them not releasing him, but considering trading him. And I say: Why in the world would they do that?

MLB: Harden's debut a gem -- 5 IP, 10 K, Cubs win (eventually)... A-Rod: More career HRs than Mantle... Shane Victorio: Where were those 2 HR when I needed them in fantasy earlier this season... Ervin Santana: 10K shutout... Who had Ryan Ludwick with 20+ HR at the All-Star Break?

Matt Jones: Not my coke! (Right.)

NBA Summer Rookies:
Stud: OJ Mayo: 26 pts (9/19 FG)
DJ Augustin: 14 pts, 2 ast
Eric Gordon: 15 pts (4/10 FG)
Sonny Weems: 17 pts
Marreese Speights: 14 pts, 5 reb
Dud: Joe Alexander: 7 pts (2/13 FG)

-- D.S.


Kurt said...

No RIP Bobby Murcer?

Press Row said...

I'm sorry, but Sonny Weems just SOUNDS like a player you'll never hear from after the summer league.