Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday 08/31 (Very) Quickie

The biggest story from Saturday is: Beanie Wells' foot.

Clemson totally illustrates the glorious win-or-fail existentialism of the CFB regular season.

(And it's hard to read whether Alabama is actually good or Clemson is that bad or whether it's just that the SEC is better than the ACC or what...)

I thought Mizzou's secret strength was its defense? (But with that offense, how much D do they need?)

What should trouble Michigan fans most is that the loss to Utah wasn't a surprise at all.

Bobby Petrino is VERY lucky.

Frank Beamer is not.

The No. 1 Heisman contender after Week 1 is: Pat White.

(The nation's most dominant RB is: PJ Hill.)

The No. 1 team in the country is: USC.

MLB: 2 HR for MVP Manny (*-MVP only if the Dodgers win the West)

NFL: Remember when Rudi Johnson was good?

NASCAR: Kyle Busch wins...AGAIN?

NBA: So Monta Ellis was lying about his injury? Fascinating...

I'm going to try to have my BlogPoll Top 25 ballot up here by early tomorrow morning for your feedback and review, before I submit my final version on Tuesday. A sneak peek of where my head is at:

1. USC
2. Ohio St (implied huge "if")
3. Georgia
4. Oklahoma
5. Missouri
6. LSU
7. West Virginia
8. Florida
9. Auburn
10. Texas

If Wells isn't healthy, I'm not sure where to rank Ohio State. If he can't play in the USC game, I don't think they'll win there. But if I think USC is the best team in the country, presumably I don't think ANY team can beat them right now.

Feel free to weigh in with your own observations from Saturday in the Comments.

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

"What should trouble Michigan fans most is that the loss to Utah wasn't a surprise at all."

Just curious why that should trouble them? Maybe the ignorant bunch who thought that Rich Rod would come in, and Michigan would suddenly dominate.

However, returning 1 offensive starter, and installing a completely new offensive system, I don't see why it should trouble anyone to lose to a possibly very good Utah Team.

If anything, I think it should encrouage them given how dominate the defense was in the second half, vs a very good offensive team.

That's me though.