Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday 09/02 A.M. Quickie:
UCLA, Cliff Lee, Tom Brady, NFL, More

Summer's over. The new sports year is on. Just in time, UCLA provided the most intriguing and surprising result of the college football weekend -- saving the best for last, I guess.

UCLA, Cliff Lee and Tom Brady are the biggest storylines from today's SN column.

I'm definitely shocked by the Bruins' win over Tennessee -- probably not as shocked as Vols fans (or perhaps USC fans).

I'm less shocked by Fresno State's win at Rutgers -- I picked it Friday (then again, I picked LSU to lose to App State, so there's that). That makes 3 clear BCS-busters among non-BCS teams: BYU, Utah and Fresno State. BYU and Utah end the season playing each other, so that sorts that out; Fresno's "big" game is in two weeks, when they host Wisconsin. After that, beyond a season-killing endgame vs. Boise State, they could be the ones. (Hey, how about Fresno State vs. the Utah-BYU survivor in a Cinderella BCS Bowl? Watched by no one, of course.)

Anyway, it's nice to see Cliff Lee salvaging the Indians' otherwise lost season. He's going to run away with the AL Cy -- he's having a truly sick season.

Hey, Brewers GM Doug Melvin agrees with me that hometown "official scorers" shouldn't be the final arbiter of rulings on the field.

(Although reader Chase O. points out that if CC had been given the error, rather than the hit, who knows how his psyche would have held up as the pressure mounted. Fair enough, but given the season he is having so far, I would have liked to have at least seen him get the chance.)

Tom Brady thinks internet rumors about his health are ridiculous: I'm considering the source of those rumors (who? nfljuice.com? who?), but it's not like he or Belichick would let on anyway.

(I'm sticking with my original prediction: That Brady wouldn't necessarily be hurt now, but assuredly later in the season. He's so due. Does that count as a rumor, too?)

A few other names to know: Joe Flacco! Rudi Johnson! Robinho! Koby Clemens!

Catch you later today. If you haven't weighed in on my Top 25 ballot this week (take 1), put it in the comments in the post below -- don't worry: Tennessee is dropping out; Fresno is in.

Full SN column here

-- D.S.

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Tom said...

As a US Manchester City fan, yesterday was one of the biggest days in the history of the club, and personally one of the happiest days of my sports fandom life. They make a record signing in Robinho, who joins fellow Brazilian stars Jo and Elano. and now the new owners are saying they would pay as much as $120 million per player to get the best talent in the world. The fans of the other Manchester team are on the defensive and this could be the catalyst that propels City into the top 4 and beyond! City til I Die!