Monday, September 01, 2008

BlogPoll Week 1: First Pass

1 Southern Cal 2
2 Ohio State --
3 Georgia 1
4 Oklahoma 1
5 LSU 8
6 Missouri --
7 West Virginia --
8 Florida 7
9 Auburn 1
10 Texas 1
11 Texas Tech 1
12 Wisconsin 2
13 Brigham Young 3
14 Tennessee 3
15 Wake Forest 7
16 Alabama 10
17 Kansas 2
18 South Florida 3
19 Utah 5
20 Penn State --
21 Arizona State --
22 Oregon 6
23 Oklahoma State 3
24 Bowling Green 2
25 Northwestern --

Dropped Out: Clemson (#9), Virginia Tech (#18), Illinois (#23).

Chime in to the Comments with your reactions, suggestions, corrections, etc. I'm almost certainly going to add the Fresno State-Rutgers winner and move Tennessee up or down, depending on how things go tonight at UCLA.


Unknown said...

Shanoff, how do you drop Florida? Their first team defense shut out Hawaii's offense. Their running game looked impressive even without Harvin against the best defense in the WAC.

You have Missouri, who gave up 42 points to a Ron Zook coached team, ahead of Florida? Huh? You have WVU, who gave up a lot of points to Villanova, ahead of Florida? And Georgia allowed 21 points to a Division I-AA opponent and they don't drop from the top 5?

Unknown said...

I'm impressed with the respect you're giving to Wake Forest, and ranking Alabama right behind them is an interesting decision. Obviously, Alabama destroyed Clemson, who are supposed to be the favorites over Wake Forest in the Atlantic Division of the ACC. So is that order of ranking Wake Forest and Alabama more because you think that Wake Forest is better than people assume or that Clemson is much worse than people assumed?

sliceshs said...


obviously you checked the final score on the Ga game. It was 38-0 late 3rd quarter....before Richt fully emptied his bench.

Dan Shanoff said...

And there's a first: Someone ripping me for being too HARSH about Florida.

Dan Shanoff said...

Great observation, David, and you make a good point. To answer directly: Yes, I think not only was Bama much better than folks suspected, but Clemson was a LOT worse. I remain shocked that Davis and Spiller had ZERO yards. Combined. I think it's fair to say that after one week, Wake is the team to beat in the ACC. Depending on how you feel about Wake and the ACC, that might be enough to justify (or not) putting them ahead of a very impressive Crimson Tide. That said: I think Wake still suffers from the "didn't they USED to suck" discount. They're a good team -- and perhaps a BCS team (if only because the ACC has to send SOMEONE). God, remember when the Big East was the laughingstock? The ACC is the nation's punchline.

Unknown said...

I would go THAT far. It's fair to say both the Big East and ACC aren't very good, but I think the Big East is behind the ACC in terms of the current teams and miles behind when considering future potential, the one thing still looking up for the ACC has been strong recruiting.

Qwagmire said...

As a East COast raised person living in California, I hated UCLA's win.

There are no fans in the US that have the bandwagon jumping skills that CULA and USC have. Im going to have to spend the entire week listening to UCLA fans that think they should be in the top 10...

Unknown said...

Are Georgia fans somehow trying to save face because their 2nd team defense allowed 21 points to a I-AA school? It doesn't say much about their depth if their second team defense (which is still 4 star recruits) cannot dominate a I-AA offense.

Ben Rice said...

11/15 Cats in the Big House. Assuming they have a respectible showing against OSU the week before, you gotta believe they are favorites, right?

sliceshs said...

ok, Nicholas, check out
Arizona State
West Virginia

All did the same as up big and still gave up some points...

sliceshs said...

and Ivan Maisel even agrees with me...

Item #1 in this week's 3 point stance.