Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday 09/01 A.M. Quickie:
Sabathia, CFB Wrap, Clemson, Beanie, More

Yep, I'm working on Labor Day: How about you? (Let's hope not, if you can help it.)

That said: I'm all over this CC Sabathia "no-no-or-no?" thing from yesterday. The inanity of allowing local "official scorer" rulings to go unchecked by MLB is the lead of the SN column.

But the meat of the column is a rundown of the biggest takeaways from the weekend in college football: Clemson proving the awesomeness of the CFB regular season; Beanie Wells as existential crisis; Michigan as the least surprising result of the season; and the futility of trying to rank teams after this past weekend (less futile than a preseason rank, however) -- although I will still try.

Here is the complete SN column. I'm almost ready to put up this week's BlogPoll Top 25 ballot for your review and suggestions. Check back a little later. And go enjoy the day off, for god's sake. And think good thoughts for the Gulf Coast right now.

-- D.S.

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