Friday, October 24, 2008

CFB Weekend Preview and Picks: More UT

There will, by necessity, be some BCS shake-ups this weekend. In the Top 10 alone: (1) Either Texas or Oklahoma State will suffer their first loss. (2) Either Ohio State or Penn State will be effectively eliminated from national-title consideration. (3) Same with the loser of LSU and Georgia. (4) Unbeaten Texas Tech has a very tough road game at Kansas. (5) It's a moment for both USC and Florida to move up, in human polls and the BCS.

(1) Texas over (6) Oklahoma St - GOTW
(2) Alabama over @Tennessee
(9) Ohio State over (3) Penn St - GOTW2!
(4) Oklahoma over @Kansas St
(5) USC over @Arizona
(13) LSU over (7) Georgia
(23) Kansas over (8) Texas Tech
(10) Florida over Kentucky
(12) Boise St over @San Jose St
(14) TCU over Wyoming
(15) Missouri over Colorado
(16) South Florida over @Louisville
(17) Pitt over Rutgers
(18) Georgia Tech over Virginia
(19) Tulsa over Central Florida
(20) Ball St over E. Michigan
(21) BYU over UNLV
(22) Northwestern over @Indiana
(24) Minnesota over @Purdue
(25) Florida St over VA Tech

Other Games of Note:
Cincinnati over UConn
UNC over BC
Wisconsin over Illinois
Miami over Wake Forest
Michigan over Michigan St
Notre Dame over Washington

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