Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday 10/25 (Very) Quickie: CFB Mania!

Late-Afternoon Update: That is what you call "surviving" by Texas. Give Texas credit for gritting it out against an Oklahoma State team much better than most had ranked (I had them at No. 4).

Here's what I know: This week, I will rank Oklahoma State ahead of Oklahoma. Both have 1 loss, both lost to Texas. Oklahoma was run out of the building on a neutral field. Oklahoma State was about 60 seconds shy of winning in Austin. Of all teams with 1 loss, Oklahoma State has the "best" loss. Does that make them the highest-ranked of any 1-loss team? Hmm...

Meanwhile, if Georgia can get out of Baton Rouge, Florida-Georgia next week is going to be epic.

Early-Afternoon Update
: I'm willing to stipulate that Big 12 offenses are awesome, but can we at least agree that it is partially because Big 12 defenses are a joke? I'd like to see Big 12 offenses against a very good SEC defense. (Oh, we did: In 2003, when LSU shut down Oklahoma.)

Meanwhile, the AP poll is officially over. I love how ESPN is (entirely appropriately) referring to teams based on their BCS ranking. The AP poll is basically the BlogPoll with a couple more decades of history -- but a lot less transparency. Otherwise, effectively the same.

For those of you not watching Florida on GamePlan but following the scoring via the crawl or in-game updates, it IS that much of an ass-kicking. Pay attention, poll-voters.

Today's Viewing Schedule (with updates and commentary throughout the day):

12:30: Kentucky at Florida (GamePlan)
Tracking: Texas Tech at Kansas (ESPN)
3:30: Oklahoma St at Texas (ABC)
P-i-P: Georgia at LSU (CBS)
8:00: Penn St at Ohio St (ABC)
Tracking: Alabama at Tennessee (ESPN)

And I'll be flipping back and forth tonight with World Series Game 3 (if it's not rained out). You can not care about either the Rays (really?!) or the Phillies, but how can you ignore the ageless Jamie Moyer?

This is likely the oldest player you will ever see play a meaningful role -- let alone be the starting pitcher -- in a World Series. And if he isn't the oldest you've ever seen, it's the oldest you ever will see again. I'm rooting for the Rays, but I'm very sympathetic to Moyer.

More: Did Isiah Thomas try to kill himself? He OD'ed on sleeping pills, but I wouldn't use the "S" word without more evidence. I would, however, not be surprised if he bungled the cap on how many pills he was supposed to take. (Here's to a full and healthy recovery!)

I will never get over the double-standard between steroids in MLB (scandal!!!!1!!!111!!) and steroids in the NFL, which is basically ubiquitous to the point where fans and media (and, oh, Congress) don't really care all that much. It's like: Well, how else are they supposed to jack folks up? Anyway, there's a new report in today's NY Times about 8 more NFL players busted for PEDs. I'm sure it will be as ignored as all the others.

-- D.S.


Michael W said...

Meh, not too impressed with the Florida win. Who has Kentucky ever beat? You've dropped teams in your poll for better wins than that (see: USC over Oregon).

nsrrder said...

Ok Shanoff, here we go--Dawgs/Gators in Jax! SEC East/National title chance on the line...I see a high scoring up and down the field game. Over under 85??