Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Can't Us? Almost Makes Me Root Philly

If you've been tracking "Why Can't Us?" over the past (less-than-a) week, it basically reached its apex today. (It doesn't hurt that Deadspin impresario AJ Daulerio is a Philly guy.)

Alas, any second now, it will be overexposed -- oh, you can bet it'll make the Fox broadcast -- and over, just like that. But let's all enjoy it now; it is rare to be able to smell a meme in full bloom.

It is a brilliant, bottom-up slogan. It almost makes me root for the Phillies. Almost. Go Rays.

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Unknown said...

Mr. Shanoff,

I find it interesting how many pundits are still underrating the Rays even as they talk about how they know the Rays are for real now. Two of the four SN picks you linked to today picked the Phillies, but if the Sox had won the series don't you think virtually everyone would pick them to beat the Phillies? And they should, it's pretty clear that the Sox are better than the Phillies, and the Rays JUST BEAT THEM. I think the Rays win in 5, but I'd love to see them win a Game 7 with a walkoff; THAT would make their story one of the best in all of sports history.

- James