Sunday, December 07, 2008

45-35? Remember 48-28 (And 43-42)

"45-35" is so last week. The new catch-phrase-number is "48-28" -- the score of last year's Oklahoma blowout loss to West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl. Between that and Oklahoma's 43-42 Fiesta debacle the year before against Boise State, the Sooners have allowed 45.5 points per game in BCS bowls in the past 2 years. Good luck with that.

(Wow: The Sooners HAVE to average 60 points per game -- because that's the national ranking of their defense. Oklahoma is Ohio State without the pathos; if BCS voters were ready to hold Ohio State's past 2 BCS blowout losses against them, they should remember OU-WVU. Oklahoma is the chokiest BCS-bowl team of the decade -- and that's saying something, considering the Buckeyes.)

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

Hey Dan, first congrats on your favorite team getting into the NC game (Since the polls came out and they are #1 in both it's a done deal).

But, to me, it really seems like you're setting yourself up for a major disappointment come the NC game. You're talking some major crap about Oklahoma already, and the one thing that the bowl season reminds us of every year is that anything can, and does, happen.

While you can point to the 48-28 beating to WVU last year. Lets not forget that WVU was one game away from playing on the NC game... they were a damn good football team. At the same time one can turn around and point to 41 - 35 Florida loss last year to Michigan. A game that we all know you never thought Florida would have lost.

So, just remember the wise words of Phil Jackson. He who crows the most, eats the most crow. Once the NC game is set, all the stats, all the previous years bowl failures don't matter, the game is played on the field.

Unknown said...

Florida fans shouldn't get too high and mighty.

1/1/08: Michigan 41. Florida 35.

-lost to a broken team with a lame duck coach coming off a two game losing streak.

Ja Doe said...

"Oklahoma is the chokiest BCS-bowl team of the decade -- and that's saying something, considering the Buckeyes.)"

Cough Virginia Tech Cough, seriously this team should be banned from the BCS cough cough

Steve-O said...

I'm so sick of hearing the Boise St. loss called a debacle. OU backed into a Big XII title in a down year for the conference, and had a WR at QB. Boise St. had everything to gain and OU wasn't too excited about playing Cinderella, plus they just flat out weren't that good. You tell me which is better for a "down year," losing to an undefeated mid-major in the Fiesta Bowl or to a crappy, FOUR loss Mihigan team.

If you want debacles, look at the USC and WVU games.

Finally, if OU beats Florida, Chokelahoma will be .500 in the BCS title game and all bowl games under Stoops. That's hardly embarassing. Also, isn't tOSU something like 4-2 with a crystal ball to their credit? I bet the Florida Gag-ters wish they could have that record.