Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday 12/13 (Very) Quickie

Wow, I miss College Football Saturdays. Very much.

Heisman tonight: Still too close to call.

Yankees sign AJ Burnett: Wow. What recession?

(By the way, it's going to be even funnier when they don't make the playoffs with CC and AJ in the rotation. Over-under on Burnett's injury-free starts: 10.)

Brandon Jacobs out tomorrow vs. Cowboys and the Cowboys deny there are massive problems in their locker room: You know things are bad if the Giants are saying, "Man, you guys got problems."

Celtics win 14th straight: Beating the Hornets is no joke.
Cavs win 11th straight: I'll be in Atlanta tonight, but won't get to see them, unfortunately.

1-AA Playoffs: Montana edges top-seeded James Madison in semis.

Syracuse hires Doug Marrone: Great hire. You want an alum. They have the kind of energy for the program that can't be imported from the outside.

Will Muschamp denies talking with Auburn: I have said this for a while. I know Muschamp is a stand-up guy and committed to Texas, but what does Auburn have to lose by offering him $3-4 million a year?

(From Texas' standpoint, they'll get Muschamp back as soon as Mack Brown retires anyway -- could be one year, could be three or four. Aren't they better off with him getting experience as an actual head coach, rather than as a head-coach-in-waiting? That's cynical, but - hey - it's a cynical business.)

On the road all day traveling. Will post again tomorrow a.m.

-- D.S.

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John said...

College football Saturdays have been replaced by something even better. College basketball Saturdays! Already today Temple upset Tennessee on ESPN and G'town is playing Memphis.