Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2010 NFL Draft Mania: Tebow Goes To...

Today's SN column led with a look at the 2010 draft. Looks like SI.com was thinking the same thing that the Tuesday after the NFL Draft is for looking ahead to the next year's draft.

(Yes: Tebow in the top half of the draft... to the Redkins. God, that would be ironic for me, given that I grew up disliking the Skins intensely, a rarity for a kid growing up in D.C. in the 80s.)

-- D.S.

UPDATE: So even though I have a pretty good theory that the Patriots will draft Tebow, there is an equally compelling case to be made that his hometown Jaguars would take him, even as a reach.

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Who's In First said...

Quick Observations:

No Colt McCoy in the first round? No Buckeyes?
Only two from the Big 10?
Four Gators?
Seven from the Oklahoma Schools?