Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday 05/01 A.M. Quickie:
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Yes, that WAS Joakim Noah with the signature play of last night's epic Bulls win over the Celtics. (Take that, Joakim-haters!)

It was virtually impossible to think that the series could produce a better game than 4 of the previous 5. But it was so much better. How could it NOT lead today's SN column?

It's not unreasonable to throw out the superlative: Best. 1st Round NBA Playoff Series. Ever.

Here's why: Can you remember any, ever? Maybe Nuggets over Sonics in '94, but wasn't that simply for the novelty of the 8-over-1 upset factor, not the quality of the games themselves?

This series is amazing for the actual gameplay. And you don't even have to be a fan of either team to appreciate. Or a loyal fan of the NBA. This is the series for the Everyfan.

The one problem for the NBA: Where can things go up from here? They can't. No matter how Game 7 goes, no series can possibly compare -- not even Kobe vs. LeBron in the Finals.

So let's all appreciate that we have one last game left in this epic Celtics-Bulls series. We'll all be able to say "Man, remember Celtics-Bulls '09? How amazing was THAT?"

Meanwhile: Which is the more remarkable advancement to the 2nd round -- Nuggets or Rockets? The Nuggets added Billups: They SHOULD have advanced. The Rockets added Artest, but didn't have T-Mac: Hmm, maybe they SHOULD have advanced, too. The Rockets had a much tougher opponent and no HCA -- this was a breakthrough for them.

MLB: Is it possible that the Rays' turnaround from a slow start to 2009 started last night with their 13-0 obliteration of the Red Sox? Absolutely.

Complete column here. More later. Stop back at 11:30. By then, it might be everywhere, but it's the most clever sports conceit I have seen in 2009. (Not done by me, obviously -- it's a link.)

-- D.S.


Geo B said...

Glad to see the Rockets move on - not that it matters, the Lakers will kill them

pete said...

Hey Dan, you know what's stupid? The idea that the '08 Celtics were unworthy because they couldn't win on the road. Here they are again in a game 7 situation, only without all that same talk from last year because they won a game on the road this time. But why is that? Oh yeah, because they lost a game at home. Lost in all that crap last year is the fact that you're supposed to win at home! People love the 7-game series, but apparently only when each team chokes one at home, is that it? If the Celtics-Hawks last year went 7 games but they had traded a road win apiece would anyone have said anything about it? And remember, the Celtics CRUSHED the Hawks at home, but lost close games on the road. Yet, you still love to bring it up on occasion. Why do you hate Boston so much?

Chris Migliaccio said...

Your memory is short - Warriors-Mavs happened only two years ago! That series was so great I own a Warriors shirt because of it, and I live in NY.