Thursday, April 09, 2009

Comment of the Month: Larry Calls Me Out

By far the Comment of the Month. Kudos to Larry, who totally scores with this
Why wasn't UNC's win a validation of the stay-in-school crowd? Why are you so begrudging, as you say, in your respect for Tyler Hansbrough? Would the game have "sucked" as much if it was "Florida" on the jerseys instead of "North Carolina"? Bemoaning the lack of competitiveness wasn't how you led your post on Tebow's first championship. And why didn't you talk about the diluted talent pool in college basketball after the 2006 and 2007 championships?

Seems you could have written a lead like this:

"Certainly UNC's starting five should go down as college hoops' greatest ever.

"Carolina's four biggest stars all could have gone pro a year ago; they gave up the NBA millions in the short term for the chance to come back to school and make history. And they did.

"You can hate Hansbrough. You can hate Carolina. You can hate UNC's perennial success in basketball. But if you love college hoops, you have to appreciate what this group chose to do -- and did."

If that sounds familiar, it should:
Hat tip to you, Larry. Well-played.

-- D.S.

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