Thursday, April 09, 2009

Register Now: Blogs With Balls Conference
June 13, 2009 in NYC - Event of the Year!

When I first started blogging in the summer of 2006, it was quickly apparent that there was an incredible community of sports bloggers -- a universe that has only grown, exponentially.

Since then, I have been desperate for a legitimate conference about online sports media -- specifically powered by and featuring folks in sports blogging who are on top of their game.

That conference is now a reality: Blogs With Balls, coming June 13 in New York City. The speaker list is incredible (yes, I'm on it, but I would attend even if I wasn't, just for the folks who will be there). It'll be like SXSW for sports-blog fans -- but so much dorkier. (In a good way!)

It sizes up as the biggest event in the short but somewhat insane history of the sports-blog universe. I hope you'll think about making it there. Get details here and get tickets here.

And, in true blogger style, here is a promo video on YouTube.

-- D.S.

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