Sunday, April 05, 2009

State of My Bracket: Oh The Humanity

Last year, I finished with my bracket in the 18th percentile -- my worst showing ever.

Until now.

I am in the 12th percentile, heading into the title game. And if UNC wins Monday night, it will surely dip into the single digits.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has surged into the top third of all brackets. And he has UNC winning it all.

By the way: If I just used the National Bracket, I would be beating 80 percent of the country right now, with more room to climb if UNC wins the title.

Next year, maybe I'll just go with the National Bracket. It cannot possibly be worse than my own picks.

Then again, I said the same thing after last year: How could it get worse? It has.

Worst. Year. Ever.

-- D.S.

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