Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dan Shanoff Dan Levy On The DL Podcast:
High-Talk, Tebow, Twitter, Passover, More

Would you like to hear me:

*Appall even myself with Tebow-fawning? (And bonus Hansbrough-fawning!)

*Reveal my secret strategy from "Around the Horn?" (I cheated! No! Well... actually: Yes!)

*Discuss why old sports media is confounding? ("Murray Chass has a purple mohawk!")

*Break down Passover strategy? (Which matzoh-based delicacy is my favorite?)

*Ramble, stutter and otherwise speak non-sensically? (As opposed to...?)

*Put on display the top "high-talker" voice in sports media? (You'll swear it's a young girl!)

Then snuggle up for a 45-minute marathon session of me making my debut appearance on Dan Levy's On the DL podcast.

What? You don't already subscribe to On the DL through iTunes or visit the On the DL podcast Web site? Let me help: DO IT NOW. It's a terrific daily show.

Thanks to Dan for having me on. He is a fantastic host -- he asks smart questions of his guests that you or I would want to ask, too, as opposed to the usual superficial queries. Subscribe now!

-- D.S.

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