Monday, April 20, 2009

Defending Joakim Noah (Again)

It is an ongoing debate I have with a lot of people: Will Joakim Noah make a good NBA player?

Coming off his finest performance as a pro -- 11 pts, 17 reb and 3 blocks in the Game 1 shocker -- his play of the game was Noah's foul on Paul Pierce, shooting a jumper, with seconds to play.

It put PP on the line with the game in his hands to win. It triggered all sorts of "don't foul a jump-shooter!" hysteria from the TV analysts. It was classic overzealous Joakim.

Pierce missed FT No. 2. The Bulls went on to win in OT. And David Thorpe -- one of the savviest evaluators of basketball strategy found anywhere -- thinks Noah's foul was a good one.

Now, maybe if Pierce's shot goes in and the Bulls waste the amazing performance by Rose et al, Noah is the goat of the game -- perhaps the postseason.

But the Bulls won't win by playing cautiously -- they have to play aggressively, even recklessly. That's Noah. Two NCAA titles -- and a playoff win in Boston against the defending champs.

-- D.S.

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Qwagmire said...

that Florida Kool AId mus tbe pretty strong. he was this close to being the biggest goat in Chicago in decades.