Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NFL Draft: Mel Kiper's Time of Year

Want a really good defense of Kiper? KSK's Drew Magary offers one here (plus a handy rebuttal). What has gone under-reported, however, is that ESPN seems to be shouldering Mel out of the way to make room for Todd "New Kiper" McShay.

McShay is sort of like Kiper 2.0 -- but a Kiper without the vast mythology that makes Mel so much of who he is: The self-assurance, the Bal'mer accent, the wild feud with the Colts, the hair. Most of which was developed well before technological and television ubiquity.

-- D.S.

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Who's In First said...

Is ESPN fading Kiper out or are they covering their bases in case Kiper decides to leave on his own? Think about the impact on ESPN if he did leave. Now they are just covering their bases, all while "developing" an NFL Draft guru feud.