Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday 04/24 A.M. Quickie:
NFL Draft, Erin Andrews, Celtics, Curry

Who will be the top name to know at this weekend's NFL Draft? That competition leads today's SN column: Matt Stafford? Mark Sanchez? Mel Kiper? Todd McShay? Erin Andrews? Percy Harvin?

I'm not convinced Stafford is the best player on the board -- though I have finally come around that he is the best QB. But what about OT Jason Smith? Or LB Aaron Curry? Or Mike Crabtree?

Percy Harvin seems to be the big candidate to be this year's Brady Quinn -- the former first-round lock who plummets through the 1st round... maybe even into the 2nd?

(Don't buy it: Injuries? Off-field issues? That's media fodder. The teams that actually study tape are probably still rubbing their eyes at what a home-run hitter Harvin is. He'll go in the 1st, and that team will get a steal. Ack: Quickie Jinx!)

Meanwhile, the media storyline has its own intrigue: To what extent will Mel Kiper be nudged aside by Todd McShay? Will Erin Andrews steal the spotlight from the Green Room?

Saturday afternoon and night is about 8 hours of this stuff. Just sit back, relax and take it in.

*The Bulls are done.
*The Jays are still rolling.
*Sox-Yanks? Ugh. We're back to that again?
*Curry: Will go in the NBA Draft Top 10.
*USC Spring Game: Barkley will leave the game with way more mojo and fan support than Corp.

Complete column here
. Check the Twitter feed all weekend for draft commentary.

-- D.S.

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