Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brian Grey: Comparing Baseball Talent Scouting With Business Talent Scouting

Brian Grey is one of the most influential folks in online sports media. Among other things, he ran Yahoo! Sports, then jumped over to Fox Interactive to run

At both stops, success followed his arrival. Now he's an Executive-in-Residence at Polaris Venture Partners, a top-tier VC firm (I actually have a buddy from business school who is a General Partner there, an association which is about as close as I personally could get to actually working there.) E-i-R has to be one of the coolest jobs you can have -- evaluating and working with young companies and helping them position themselves for growth.

Anyway, PaidContent published a post by Grey today where he compares baseball talent evaluation to business talent evaluation. If you're in the market for a new job -- or, say, any job -- it is a great read. (And if you're in the market to hire? Well, obviously you should ping me first.)

-- D.S.

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