Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday 05/25 Quickie: New SN Column

Happy Memorial Day -- a moment to offer thanks and deep appreciation to everyone who died in service to the country, as well as their families.

I also filed a new SN column this morning, and it was a perfect opportunity to step away from the seemingly daily NBA lead items and tackle this question:

Who is the best team in American sports today?

The answer is: Northwestern women's lacrosse, which just won its 5th straight national title (capping an undefeated year, no less).

Not bad for a Midwestern team whose varsity wasn't around a decade ago, consistently routing well-established programs in the East.

Meanwhile, let's be clear: LeShot means LeZilch if LeCavs don't win LeSeries. And, right now, they're not going to; the Magic are the better team -- even if LeBron is the best player on the court.

And in your MLB must-track today: David Price was called up by the Rays and will start today. (He's already claimed in your fantasy league, don't bother looking.)

Complete column here.

-- D.S.

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