Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday 05/24 (Very) Quickie

Eh: Suddenly, Nuggets in 6 doesn't look very good. Last night felt like the old Nuggets, the ones who were consistently owned by the Lakers in years "B.C." (Before Chauncey) Another game, another botched inbounds pass.

Kobe's 41 felt like a "Remember me?" to all the LeBron fans out there still freaking out over his Game 3 finisher, whose value will really be determined tonight. If the Cavs win, reclaiming HCA and momentum in the series, it was huge; if the Cavs lose, they are still series 'dogs.

(Speaking of LeBron, do not underestimate the strategic importance of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert selling a big stake in the Cavs to Chinese business interests, as it relates to LeBron staying with the team. If the Cavs become China's adopted favorite team, that trumps New York's appeal.)

NBA Draft: Nick Calathes is staying Greece(?!) He signed a 3-year deal with the Euro champs, committed to at least next year, with an option to go to the NBA in 2010.

(Actually, this might make him a 1st-round lock in the 2009 NBA Draft: The team that signs him wouldn't have to have him on the roster this season, would not have to pay a buy-out to get him back from Europe, and get a player with a year of extra seasoning at Europe's top level. UPDATE: Apparently, he wouldn't be eligible for the 2009 NBA Draft, which makes no sense to me.)

Walk-off walk for Dodgers over Angels.
Yet another walk-off win for the Yankees.
Milestones: Jason Giambi joins 400 HR Club.
Stud: Kyle Lohse. Cards pitching continues to impress.

NCAA LAX: Wow, go Cornell! Crashes title game with shocking upset of UVA. Will lose to Cuse, which throttled Duke.

-- D.S.

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