Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday 05/23 (LeBron) Quickie

Wow. Oh, wow. The finest shot of LeBron's career. The finest MOMENT of LeBron's career. The biggest moment in the history of the Cavs. An exorcism of Michael Jordan's "Shot" over Ehlo.

(Question for the Magic: How do you let LeBron catch that ball?)

Instead of being down 0-2 heading into 2 games in Orlando -- virtually finished in the series -- they are 1-1, still without home-court advantage in the series, but with U-turn momentum.

A few more notes:
*Leave it to the defending champs to snap the Yankees' W streak.
*Cubs fans love Peavy for nixing White Sox, then hate him for 10 Ks vs. Cubs
*Dara Torres remains incredible (new U.S. record in 50 fly)
*If you have a child, why in god's name would you own a pit bull?
*Jay Wright will be a good NBA coach one day -- if Philly got him, it would be a coup -- but Villanova is on the cusp of being a perennial Top 10 team under Wright. Worth staying.

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