Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday 05/21 A.M. Quickie:
Howard, Magic, Vick, Papi, Idol, More

My predictions are so rarely -- and fleetingly -- correct that this morning I will stand up and say:
"Magic in 6? OH YES."

I have two complementary theories:

(1) The Magic were battle-tested by the Celtics to the point that playing the Cavs in Cleveland simply wasn't all that daunting.

(2) The Cavs were so soft from their 8-0 run through the first two rounds of the playoffs that they were completely unready for a taut game.

That leads today's SN column.

Now, the Cavs have lost that home-court advantage they worked so hard to earn, on two levels: They lost HCA in the series and their regular-season home dominance suddenly seems stale.

Last point: Last night was a huge F-U to all the so-called "experts" who had the Cavs rolling past the Magic into the NBA Finals. The Magic are legit, which is why I picked them to win the East title in the preseason. (That's enough self-congratulation for one morning, thanks.)

More in today's column, as usual, not said nearly as pithily as presented here:

*What's more pathetic: Papi going HR-less or the pity embrace he's getting for hitting one?

*After one day out of prison, you can already tell that popular sentiment -- filtered through the mainstream media -- is for the "Vick as rehabilitated" second-act storyline.

(The UFL is asking fans whether they should get Vick? (1) They'll never get the chance; a half-dozen NFL teams will take him as soon as the smoke clears; (2) for a league founded on "conventional" football, it sure seems strange that they would make a gimmick story like considering Vick the way they earn buzz. There is a much simpler and far more self-sustaining way to do that. Post on that coming later.)

*How many violations does Lane Kiffin get before the NCAA actually cracks down?

*Condolences to Scott Schoenweis on the death of his wife; thoughts for Amy Mickelson as she begins a battle with breast cancer.

Complete SN column here. More later, including the celebration of a big anniversary.

11 a.m.: Idol -- with a sports twist.
1 p.m.: Very very special anniversary.

-- D.S.

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