Friday, May 22, 2009

UFL Update: My Minor Obsession Continues

Catching up on a link to an column about the UFL and its prospects to serve as an alternative/minor league to the NFL.

I remain steadfast in my very simple, game-changing (and game-winning) strategy -- you have to play where the NFL won't -- or can't:

Open the UFL to players following their freshman year of college. The one year of college gives them a national spotlight that will help with fan interest (ex: Julio Jones, Terrelle Pryor); the two years of UFL service gives them paid professional training for their NFL careers.

After those 2 years in the UFL, they are NFL draft-eligible -- and arguably better prepared for their NFL careers for it.

THIS is the point of that Gladwell David/Goliath/full-court-press piece -- engaging in unconventional strategy to overcome a vastly superior opponent. Not that the NFL is the UFL's opponent -- but a legacy of failure of "alternative" professional football leagues sure is.

If the UFL wants to position itself as a viable minor-league to the NFL, the place to start isn't by struggling to develop NFL cast-offs and wannabes; it is by developing NFL-caliber players before the NFL will let them in.

-- D.S.

UPDATE: Discussing having Michael Vick play in the UFL is NOT a strategy -- it is a gimmick. And if they're willing to entertain THAT limited idea, then it's hardly irrational to evaluate my change-the-game "underclassmen" option.

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