Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday 05/17 (Very) Quickie

While waiting for NBA double-header Game 7s -- wow, the Lakers must be freaking out... I cannot imagine that Celtics fans are particularly worried.

Lakers-Rockets: It is this simple -- the Lakers losing at home today (and I'd give Houston a puncher's chance) would represent one of the biggest shockers in NBA history.

Magic-Celtics: Why don't the Magic give Rashard Lewis the ball EVERY SINGLE PLAY -- it's been proven there is no one on the Celtics who can guard him.

I think it's worth noting that the NBA has an obvious rooting interest in L.A. and Boston -- remains to be seen if the refs match that perception.

Rachel Alexandra: Female Athlete of the Year?

A-Rod: Ahh, there you go. Nothing changes perceptions like walk-off game-winning HRs.

Weirdest result yesterday: John Lackey being ejected after 2 pitches.

-- D.S.

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