Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday 05/30 (Very) Quickie

Lakers advance to Finals: Wow, remember when the Nuggets actually looked like they had a chance against the Lakers? The Lakers are SO much better when Kobe focuses on distributing (10 assists, to go with his 35 pts).

Stephen Strasburg: Umm, so what's the big deal again? He can't even beat UVA; how's he going to beat the NL Central?

Speaking of phenoms, Matt Wieters made his MLB debut -- and was 0/4 with a K and 3 LOB. But Luke Scott had 2 HR, at least...

Rockies fire Clint Hurdle, then promptly win without him: He shouldn't take that personally.

Sixers hire Eddie Jordan: How will Princeton philosophy mesh with Iguodala, Young, Speights, etc?

Getting ready for Cavs-Magic Game 6 in Orlando. Should be a wild game. Win or bust for LeBron.

-- D.S.

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