Friday, July 10, 2009

MLB Midseason Awards: Mauer, Pujols Lead

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AL MVP: Joe Mauer
AL Cy: Zack Greinke
AL Rookie: Andrew Bailey
AL Manager: Joe Maddon
AL Fantasy Surprise: Ben Zobrist*

NL MVP: Albert Pujols
NL Cy: Tim Lincecum
NL Rookie: Colby Rasmus
NL Manager: Tony LaRussa
NL Fantasy Surprise: Pablo Sandoval

* - No surprise, both Zobrist and Sandoval are on MY fantasy roster, which is in playoff contention for the first time in my decade-long fantasy baseball GM career. Beyond their unexpected success, how can you not love the triple-position-eligibility? That has huge value.

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Unknown said...

AL Manager: Mike Scioscia - easily has had the hardest job of any manager in the bigs and is still in first place despite an emerging Texas team. Maddon has not done anything near equivalent.

AL MVP: Justin Morneau - Playing everyday should count for something. Not to mention he's batting .313 with 21 HRs.

Note: Not that I dont like Mauer. 2009 Mauer & Morneau are the equivalent to 2004 Ortiz & Manny...and Ortiz and Manny needed the juice to reach that level.