Wednesday, July 08, 2009

UFL Update: Leagues New Rules Lacking

So the UFL is trying to spice up its league by relaxing many of the starchy rules the NFL has in place.

OK, this is where I will say it YET AGAIN:

There is only one NFL "rule" that the UFL has to change that will guarantee (a) tons of attention, (b) tons of NFL-level talent and (c) defensible market position as a true "minor" league:

Allow in any player with at least one year of college football experience.

That means the UFL could draft players after their freshman year or sophomore year -- because the NFL won't let them in. Even if those players are clearly NFL-ready or NFL-worthy.

It's so simple. It's so freaking simple.

At the very least, I wish someone in the league would at least explain to me why they WON'T do it. At least show me that they have evaluated the idea -- but (inanely) rejected it.

-- D.S.


CorrND said...

Why require a year of college? Why not take 'em straight from high school? If 18 year olds are allowed to play with 22 year olds (not that different from 30 year olds) at the college level, I think it's fair to have them in your ideal UFL.

SwaggerTooth said...

If I'm the UFL, I totally agree with you. As a college football fan, I say "Noooooo!!!"