Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mountain West: No Playoff, Just Payoff

And that color is green.

My favorite part of the latest BCS Mess news is the delicious irony that the same week the MWC goes crying to Congress about the unfairness of the BCS, they take the check from ESPN to remain in their subordinate state. Way to stand up for what you think is right!

If the Mountain West wanted to make a real stand -- and I mean get some serious traction -- they would secede from the BCS and say "If you won't have us, then we'll make our own championship."

It might sound ludicrous now, but it would get them more coverage -- and more positive press -- than they could ever get by trying to force change from within the system. (Like a BCS bowl would ignore an undefeated MWC champ.*)

But, of course, the MWC is as greedy as your average BCS conference.

(That's why their proposed "playoff" plan was hubbed around one cynical component: Letting the Mountain West into the BCS cabal. They don't hate the BCS; they resent the money they're losing by being left out of it.)

As yesterday's announcement showed, the Mountain West doesn't care about a playoff as much as it does a payoff.

-- D.S.

(* - From at least one standpoint, the Mountain West IS in the BCS: If a MWC team goes unbeaten, it would surely be selected for a BCS bowl -- in fact, that is stipulated in the BCS bowl-selection deal. And with Utah's success, it is what fans want to see. And if a MWC team can't go undefeated? Well, they probably didn't deserve to be in a BCS bowl anyway. And there are plenty of other conferences -- say, BYU Boise St out of the WAC -- whose unbeaten champ would deserve a BCS spot ahead of a beaten MWC champ. And yet the MWC would like an automatic BCS bid.)


Matthew said...

BYU is in the MWC not the WAC. BYU, Utah, SDSU, etc left the WAC to create the MWC about 10 years ago.

Dallas (司馬光) said...

BYU isn't part of the WAC. Did you mean BSU?

Dallas (司馬光) said...

I agree though that an unbeaten would be deserving of the bid over the 1 loss MWC team.

Shums said...

BYU is in the MWC too.

And that sounds great, and I wish they would have stuck to their guns, but what are you supposed to tell recruits? "Come play for us, you have absolutely no hope of getting noticed at all!"

It's a lot more self-preservation than greed.